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We help large companies work like startups. 

We deliver innovation training and bespoke support to organisations trying to build a culture of speed and innovation.  Hounde bring the power of Sprints to prepare your company for the 2020s.


We combine learnings from over 50 early-stage companies and 20 multinational corporations to prepare your team for the future.

Our expertise in venture-building helps bring the move-fast approach to large organisations, without breaking things that work.

Step 1: Understand your priorities.

We spend quality-time with senior executives and CXOs to understand the core areas of focus for the business. This includes a problem scoping workshop to help cross-functional leaders get on the same page. 

Step 2: Deliver a customised sprint focused on your challenges.

We design a customised session for individuals or teams determined from Step 1.  Ranging from one day to two weeks, these workshops are typically focused on enabling team-members build a plan for the future. 

Step 3: Follow up with support for individuals or teams.

After the workshop, we work closely with attendees to help apply learnings to their daily work. Ideally targeted toward execution on a business challenge identified in the previous steps. 

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